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Border Wolves

“As long as you understand I’m always right, we’ll get along fine.”

This duo-pack is made up of two odd friends and their distinct differences, yet they seem to work together, even occasionally using the services of another. They are both businessmen, although of totally different bents, and both have separate interests.

The Syndicate and it’s ilk.

Fixer’s Ironhorse Saloon is the business of the biggest of the two, although he’s not a warrior per se.

Han’s Porn, otherwise known as Spank’em & Yank’em is a sleezy porn shop set up in town where Thunder-Howl lives.

Wolfram Alpha is the business of the smoothest of the two, and oddly enough he is a warrior.

The remains of the Caern of the Sphinx is the gathering spot for an odd collection of Garou. It is a Caern of Enigmas, and is what is left over after a devastating Wyrm attack on a past Sept. It’s totem is the Sphinx, and the pack belongs to it.

And here are the stories heard in the bar . . .




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